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Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt Clue Card

Check us out for information on visiting Huntsville, Alabama, also known as the Rocket City. Visiting Huntsville? Let us help you plan your trip.

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LUCKY DUCK CLUES HINTS: l Start and finish in any order. Keep track of the locations where you find the ducks and head to the Visitor Center after finding them all. l The Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt is free and available any time of the day, seven days a week. l All Lucky Ducks are outdoors. 1 On a street named Church, Lucky Duck is ready to welcome you and tell you about all of the exciting things to do in Huntsville. Perched up high, he is in the perfect spot to quack hello to everyone who enters this center named for visitors. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 8 There may be no pond, but of this place, this Lucky Duck is quite fond. These upside down waterfalls and dancing fountains behind EarlyWorks satisfy many Lucky Ducks and lucky kids… especially on hot Alabama days! FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 9 A full size keel boat, magical bandstand, and a storytelling tree, all behind this big red door? This seems a little hard to believe, even for a Lucky Duck who spends all his time hangin' out in the shrubbery. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 10 This is the spot where Alabama became the 22nd state. You'll find this duck quacking on and on about our state's rich history. She'll tell you all about Huntsville's past as she sits atop a column with a great view. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 11 A nationally famous poet & artist lived here. They called her by her middle name, the name of a fellow. Visitors to her home today still walk under the original fanlight window. Find the fanlight and you will find this Lucky Duck outside nearby. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 12 The 19th century comes alive on the Courthouse Square where you'll find gifts, toys and art. This very Lucky Duck is peering down from his lighted perch outside the double screened doors. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 13 The sun always sets on this side of the square, but this duck is nice and cool hangin' upside down in the shade. Rest on a bench…and look up! It's rumored that a famous outlaw robbed the building with the colossal columns next door. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 14 You won't find this duck on the mainland. He will wave to you from his perch high and to the left on the fountain's bluff in Big Spring Park East. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 2 Sometimes the rattling of these tracks makes this Lucky Duck QUACK. She enjoys listening to the whistle telling her that something BIG is rolling her way. Hey! This building is even yellow like a duck! FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 3 This ducky came to live near this lumberyard on a street named after a city in Ohio. To find your ducky, look for the boulder with water coming out, in the shade of the little red tree. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 4 Another "Bud" can be found not far away. In a park named for a former Congressman, you will find this duck near a playground. As you cross the bridge, remember this duck likes to be right! FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 5 Visit the museum with 14 galleries and you will be sure to spot this artsy Lucky Duck. Climb to the top of the main steps to discover exactly where she creates her own quack-tac-ular masterpieces. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 6 This little duck likes to play with many others in the big downtown park, home to many baby ducks and their mothers. Some say it's this particular park that inspired the scavenger hunt in the first place! Look near a red path where you can stand over water. FOUND AT: __________________________________________ 7 By a fountain she can "thrash" about in, this little ducky likes watching all the events next door at a building named after a famous German rocket scientist. Take a seat on a bench and enjoy the view. FOUND AT: __________________________________________

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