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1 Sitting in this soft mulch bed, I like to look at this striking sculpture and recall the downtown renovation and the sounds of construction. 2 This little downtown alley way is now a pedestrian walkway. I sit at the base of a structure that shines light for the photographers and their subjects. 3 Back in the day, the community could set their watches by the sounds of the arriving and departing trains. I sit here and think of this new timepiece, made to look old, that now serves the downtown area shop owners and patrons. 4 Although now a very yummy establishment, this location once served as a temporary home for those who would enjoy "saw" or "file" pie. I will rest on this perch and hope that I am soon found. 5 I am fascinated by this historical relic on Front Street, because this small chamber on a two-wheeled frame is louder than a passing train. 6 Once a home, then a museum, it is now a storefront to many businesses. I enjoy the view from the front porch of this old home. The Clays would be happy that their 1858 home continues to serve the community. 7 Students entered this building in first grade and graduated twelve years later. The city's only historic school received this memorial site marker from the High School Class of 1941. 8 This replica building on the village green serves as a shady place to pass the time. Once the first town hall, it is now an iconic image for Madison's downtown. While sitting under this building, I like looking up at its irregular shape. TRAINS ON MAIN CLUES HINTS • Start and finish in any order. • Write down the locations where you find each train and take your findings to the Madison Chamber of Commerce office after you complete the scavenger hunt. (call 256-325-8317 for hours of operation) • The Trains On Main Scavenger Hunt is free and available any time of the day, seven days a week. • All of the Trains are located outdoors. FOUND AT FOUND AT FOUND AT FOUND AT FOUND AT FOUND AT FOUND AT Clues provided by the Madison Station Preservation Historical Society. FOUND AT

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