4 Characters You’ll Meet at the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll

October 14, 2016 Nicole Brookus


4 Characters You’ll Meet at the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll

For more than a quarter of a century, the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association has organized the annual Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll, their biggest event each year to help fund raise and support their primary purpose: advancing the appreciation and education of Huntsville’s diverse cultural heritage and history.

The event features traditional music, antique cars and dozens of costumed characters ready to share the details of their famous, scandalous, criminal, philanthropic, revolutionary or pioneering lives.  Just a few of the people you will meet include:

  • Daniel Harrison

    Co-founder of the Harrison Brothers Hardware Store (still in operation in its original building in downtown Huntsville) Daniel will talk about building a business that stood the test of time and became a historic icon.  As Huntsville’s needs changed, so did the store!


  • Tallulah Bankhead

    A glamorous Hollywood actress so notorious, she almost doesn’t need an introduction! During the stroll, Tallulah visits the grave of her mother, Adelaide Bankhead. The Bankhead Parkway is named for Tallulah’s father.


  • William Hooper Councill

    Born a slave, William was a pioneer in educating young blacks, passed the Alabama Bar, ran for the legislature, published a newspaper and was appointed the first principal of the school that today is Alabama A&M University.


  • Edmund Irby Mastin

    A young confederate soldier who spent a year and a half of the Civil War in Union captivity, including months enduring the privations at Morris Island.  Edmund survived the war and went on to become mayor of Huntsville for 6 years.



The 2016 Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll will be held Sunday, October 16 from 2 -4:30 p.m. (raindate: October 23) at the historic Maple Hill Cemetery at 203 Maple Hill Drive in downtown Huntsville.  Early bird events begin at 1 p.m.  It is recommended that visitors park in one of the garages in Downtown Huntsville and take a short ride on the parking shuttle or walk the ¾ mile.  Please leave any pets at home as they will not be allowed inside!





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