Gotta Try: 11 MORE Summer Beers in Madison County

July 1, 2016 Sarah Belanger


You might have seen our last blog on eight summer beers you gotta try in Madison County, and now we’re bringing you not eight, but eleven more beers that are so fresh and crisp, you might just forget about those skyrocketing temperatures outside! (Probably not. But maybe.)

So, without further ado…


Yellowhammer’s Hops Fell Hop Lager, ABV 5.5%

This pale lager is crisp and spicy with hints of hops. It is very drinkable with a clean, refreshing finish.

Hops Fell Hop Lager


Salty Nut’s Vertical House Black Ale, ABV 7.5%

This black ale is dark and malty, yet has the hoppy taste of an IPA. It is easy to drink, which makes it great for year-round enjoyment.



Below the Radar’s Bad Moon Rye-sing, ABV 7.6%

The malted rye makes this double IPA subtly spicy. Touches of caramel and citrus notes help create a balanced rye ale.



Straight to Ale’s He Ain’t Hefe, ABV 5.0%

This is a traditional, German-style wheat beer with banana and clove flavors. It is light and very easy to drink.

He Aint Hefe


Blue Pants’ Hop Bursted IPA, ABV 6.90%

As the name states, this beer is bursting with hoppy goodness! It’s created with 17 different hop varieties, making it a fan favorite of IPA lovers.

Hop Bursted IPA


Mad Malts’ Raspberry Blonde, ABV 8.5%

This smooth blonde ale, with subtle flavors of raspberry and honey, create a fruity and easy-drinking brew.

Raspberry Blonde


Rocket Republic’s Quantum Wheat, ABV 5.2%

Effervescent and smooth, Quantum Wheat is a summer favorite at Rocket Republic.



Old Black Bear’s Hefeweizen, ABV 4.6%

This is a traditionally brewed Hefe with hints of banana and cloves. It is a light, crisp beer with a smooth finish.



Salty Nut’s Squatch Double IPA, ABV 9.4%

Squatch is packed with citrus notes and hoppy flavors, but it is surprisingly smooth and a great summer beer.

Squatch_Double_IPA2 beer


Blue Pants’ Hefeweizen, ABV 5.5%

This lightly sweetened Hefe is finely carbonated with a soft mouth feel, and it is refreshing enough for hot afternoons at the beach or pool.

Hefeweizen blue pants beer


Rocket Republic’s Pomegranate Planet, ABV 5.2%

Infused with real pomegranate, this American Wheat Ale is tart and refreshing. It’s a fun beer, just right for summer celebrations.

Pomegranate Planet beer





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*Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to be an exhaustive list of summer beers in Madison County, and any omission is not intentional. Know of another great, local summer beer? Share with us in the comments!


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