Gotta Try: 8 Summer Beers in Madison County

June 15, 2016 Sarah Belanger

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Summer is here, which means grilling out, pool parties, beach vacations, and best of all – refreshingly crisp seasonal beers!  Here are 8 great beers to get you through the hot, Alabama summer.



Rocket Republic’s VaporRita, ABV 5.5%

Rocket Republic’s session ale, Vapor Trail Cream Ale, is infused with lime to make a tart, yet refreshing summer beer.



Salty Nut’s Unimpeachable Pale Ale, ABV 6.2%

The most notorious beer in Alabama is finally here. This American Pale Ale is brewed with fresh peaches, making it a fresh and fruity summer brew.



Old Black Bear’s Speckled Trout, ABV 4.8%

Speckled Trout is an American Wheat flavored with lemon zest. Its tangy, crisp flavors make it especially perfect for summer holidays.



Yellowhammer’s Liquid Gold, ABV 5.5%

This Belgian Pale Ale is sweet, yet tart because it is brewed with apricot nectar.  It is sunshine is a glass!



Mad Malts’ Element 79 Rye Pale Ale, ABV 5.2%

This golden ale has a malty taste with hints of honey and biscuits. The citrus and spicy flavors of the rye make this a clean and refreshing beer.


Straight to Ale’s 6 Alberts, ABV 4.2%

The citrus notes and hoppy finish of this low alcohol beer make it perfect for the humid summer months.


Below the Radar’s Heavy Lift Hefe, ABV 5.6%

This is a well-balanced, classically brewed Hefe with a touch of tartness. It is a thirst-quenching beer that pairs nicely with grilling out and family get-togethers.


Blue Pants’ Wheat with Peach, ABV 5.25%

This Berliner Weisse beer is tart with a dry finish. Hints of peach make it a perfect beer for hot summer days.






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