TBEX Press Trip Rundown

November 2, 2016 Bethany Bowlin


Welcome TBEX Press Trip Bloggers!

TBEX, or the Travel Bloggers Exchange is coming to Huntsville in May 2017! For those who haven’t heard of TBEX, it is the largest gathering of travel bloggers and traditional travel media and tourism professionals in the world. This conference brings together the brains of your favorite blogs on the web. Some of the bloggers that will be at TBEX in May are attending a press trip this week. Combined, these nine bloggers have reach of over 415,000 blog readers, over 331,000 Twitter followers, around 103,000 Facebook followers 118,000 Instagram followers and over 415,000 views on YouTube. This press trip is going to give them the chance to preview our city!

WHO- Meet the members of the Press Trip


Dana Vento is an upbeat blogger from Pittsburgh who loves to share her adventures as a mom of three. Traveling, crafting, and cooking for an array of dietary restrictions keeps her busy and gives her plenty to post about on her blog. Dana is planning on investigating Huntsville’s culinary scene as well as family and couple activities. Follow her on Twitter @DanaVento.



Lily Ashley shares her experiences in life as part of a military family. She is a mom of six and her husband is a U.S. Navy sailor of 15 years. Her posts show the joys and challenges they experience as a family and their adventures along the way. Lily’s blog is filled with travel tips, life hacks and recipes. On her trip to Huntsville, she is looking to get stories for her readers on places to stay and things to do in a new city. Follow her @MilitaryFamof8.



Nicole Omohundro is a wife and a mother of three from Oklahoma who loves to spend time with her family. Her blog shows the family’s lifestyle and helps inspire others to take adventures with their loved ones. She also likes to express the importance of eating healthy and real foods. Menu planning tips and rich recipes can be found all throughout her blog. Nicole is planning to explore Huntsville for great educational, fun activities for her family to enjoy. Follow her @LilFamAdventure.



Chrysa Duran is a blogger from Minneapolis who focuses on living daily life efficiently on a budget so she can use her money on important things like traveling the world with her family. She runs the ever so popular blog thriftyjinxy.com focusing on lifestyle tips for families. Chrysa plans to highlight Huntsville’s family friendly attractions. Follow her @ThriftyJinxy.



Kathy Stafford is a unique travel blogger who began her career covering figure skating. She has traveled all over the world to write about figure skating competitions and has been the contributing editor  in several publications including “Skating Sketches” and “Discover Balboa Park: A Complete Guide”. She was one of the journalists specializing in figure skating for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Her international travel is now the inspiration of her pieces on her blog  and we can’t wait for her to experience Huntsville. Follow her @MilesGeek.



Chris Christensen, also known as The Amateur Traveler, is a blogger and podcaster who shares his travel tips and experiences. He works at a startup in Silicon Valley and travels all over the world in his spare time. Chris loves learning new languages and gaining new experiences. During his time in Huntsville he is interested in learning about our history, space and technology. Look for his posts and podcasts during his trip on his site where he gets around 120,000 downloads each month! Follow him @Chris2x.



Karisa Klee is a Midwesterner who found herself in Atlanta, Georgia, as a practicing attorney. In her spare time, she fulfills her desire to explore the world and so kindly shares her adventures through her blogs. Karisa will be visiting Huntsville for the first time and hopes that she can showcase Huntsville as a destination for young-professionals and travelers looking to see somewhere new! She is excited to experience the culture our city has to offer from our culinary side to our art scene. Follow her @FlirtWithGlobe.



Michelle Marine is a down to earth mom of four from Iowa. She strives to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and loves to travel with her family. Her blog  reflects her interests with healthy recipes and stories of her family’s adventures. After home schooling for several years, she likes to share fun, educational opportunities for traveling with families. In Huntsville, Michelle is excited to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center along with other kid friendly locations. Follow her @SimpLiveLove.



Jan Eckland is a blogger, writer and editor who loves to share her stories with her readers. Her passion for travel has changed her perspectives of the world each time she visits a new culture. She is inspired by her experiences and the opportunity to appreciate history. Jan hopes to influence others with her stories through her blog and teach people the best techniques in travel and storytelling. Follow her @TravelRaveJan.


November 2-4, 2016


You can find the group at your favorite Huntsville attractions during their time in town! (Hint, hint) they will be visiting the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Botanical Garden, Burritt on the Mountain, and of course they will be stopping by some of our favorite breweries, eateries and everywhere in between!


…is this cool? People from all over the world are coming to your stomping grounds to see why your city is so incredible. These bloggers will be showing the universe the highlights of Huntsville, Alabama. This will reach people near and far, bringing in visitors to your beautiful town. Still not impressed? Visitors bring your local economy positive impact. Huntsville will be recognized as a great tourist destination, a great place to explore, and a great place to enjoy our unique businesses. The press trip is an elite group of bloggers who will be attending the conference in May and will be inspiring other notable bloggers to come to the conference as well. If you happen to bump into any of these guests, say hello and join in their adventures in your own backyard.








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Bethany Bowlin is the marketing intern for the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau. She is a Huntsville, Alabama native who graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Bethany loves to snow ski, but for now will settle for a hike on Monte Sano Mountain in the Alabama heat. She loves to hang out with her 15 year old dachshund, Copper, and drinks her coffee black.

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